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Bought car insurance on two of my cars, one car's engine light came on was told by Car shield to take it to the shop and my deductible would only be 100.00. so got the mechanic to call Car shield after he used the diagnostic computer analysis to find out what was wrong with the car!

He was told none of the problems my car had were covered under my car insurance and I would have to pay them out of my own pocket. including the diagnostic analysis which was 130.00 my problem is they advertise that only 100.00 deductible BUT that's only if they approve the claim, which is not mentioned in their advertisements on T.V. or by the salesman, but you can not find out want is wrong with your car if you do not have the diagnostic analysis1. So it's a catch 22!

so taking your car in is a *** because you do not know what the result will be and then your stuck with the bill! car shield's claims dept was so slow, I waited 45 minutes on hold finally a recording came on and said if you would like us to call you back please leave your phone number and someone will get back to you in 15-20 minutes, 45 minutes later I called back got customer service who informed me that maybe it was a pre exzisting condition and it wasn't covered? another told me maybe they got the two cars mixed up?.

My mechanic then called me and said he had been on the phone trying to get through to the claims dept for hours! no one from claims ever called me back, I finally canceled my insurance on both cars and will be getting my money back, paying 200.00 a month for insurance on your cars incase they break down and then getting stuck with an 800.00 bill and they won't even cover the diagnostics to find out want is wrong with your car a very bad insurance policy and company!.


Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: just letting people know not to buy this insurance.

CarShield Cons: Customer service and claims dept.

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thank you for helping me move on to another company...

Phi Vaj
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Fair warning, ALL these companies operate pretty much the same. Cars today are very reliable.

Put your money in the bank and use it for maintenance & real repairs, not for insurance that you'll most likely end up having to pay for the repairs yourself anyway. People typically buy insurance for a piece of mind, but when it comes to car repair policies, you're buying empty promises. Nearly everything with a vehicle can be attributed to "normal wear & tear", "pre-existing condition", "neglect or abuse". Remember, maintenance is not included in the coverage.

Send the check to a charity, they'll pay as much towards your car repairs as these "polices" will. Car repair shops are NOT required to deal with Car Shield or any of these companies (most smaller shops will tell you to deal with them, AFTER you pay them first). Why create those headaches for yourself?

You'll always pay a lot more in premiums than you'll ever get out of them. But it's your money.


Why is carshild commercials on California t v??? It says Not a!valible in California so take that annoying commercial off!!

Phi Vaj
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California probably kicked them out. Consider yourself lucky.

Celita Ycy

Paid actors are what you're seeing on their advertisements. What you read in these comments is the reality of what occurs when claims are presented, no actors.

Attorneys write these contracts including the fine print. Cars today have a high rate of dependability and infrequent break downs. If you feel a need to buy a service contract, go to a franchised dealer for your brand. That way you at least have a physical address (brick and mortar) place of business should you have a problem.

Service contract companies like, Car Shield, have been around a long time the pioneers and subsequent companies are no longer in business for good reason. Now, like a transformer they reinvent themselves into what we have here. In time, Car Shield will be gone, like their predecessors leaving a trail of unhappy customers and their class action lawsuits.

Do not fall into that category. Do not waste your time or money in what your being sold.


There is a BBB alert on this company, citing a pattern of failing to provide customer service or make repairs. BBB urges consumers to use caution if they decide to do business with CarShield. They have an F rating and thousands of complaints.


Well just look at the chimp in the comercials that says it all


I called them to get information about their service because of a radio ad I heard. I had to tell the salesman twice that I was simply calling for a free quote as advertised as he was very eager to get me to sign up with a credit card.

I then told him again I was simply asking for a quote as a favor for another person.

In the end I felt something wasn't right and hung up. I did a consumer review by finding this thread and am glad I went with my gut feeling.

Jacquelynn Mzu

These types of auto repair insurance companies have been around for a long time. They are not "warranties" Only authorized dealers, through the manufacturer offer factory coverage for either new, pre-owned or certified vehicles.

Companies like Car Shield are for profit corporations. Their goal is to sell as many policies as they can and in many cases adjust claims by referring to the fine print in a convoluted policy description. be aware of what you are purchasing and understand that attorneys have written these policies. My thought is if you're going to buy protection do it through a dealer that sells your brand name.

Not all cars will qualify. That way you have a brick-and-mortar place of business (an actual physical building) that services your type of vehicle for a face-to-face conversation should you have an issue you would stand a better chance of resolution should you have an issue.

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Agree 100%

Matha Wrd

The state began overseeing regular insurance companies (auto, home, life) because of rampant fraud. and consumer complaints.

Companies like car shield are not overseen by state regulators.

Just read the Better Business Bureau advisory on this company. https://***/us/mo/saint-peters/profile/auto-service-contract-companies/carshield-0734-31****296


Why the heck should you have to pay any deductible for a$100+ a month car part repair insurance company !?


I am currently looking for warranty insurance but after reading this post post. I have changed my mind about CARSHIELD.!!!

Phi Vaj

I would never buy this type of "Insurance" from anyone, not even dealer extended warranties. It's just not worth it.

Since 2002 my family (4 of us) & I have owned 9 different vehicles. I keep a spreadsheet of all repairs & maintenance done on these cars & pickup trucks since the day we owned them to the day we sold, totaled or junked them. Maintenance & Repairs included everything from oil changes every 5,000 miles, tire rotations, cabin filter replacements, cooling system repairs/flushes, Transmission work, new catalytic converters to new brakes/rotors, new tires, new batteries, steering issues, timing belts, water pumps, back-up camera replacement, tune ups, new exhaust systems, head light replacements, paint touch-ups, and even windshield washer fluid refills & inspection stickers, and ALL work was performed by either a Dealership or local mechanic (Not by owner). Not one vehicle exceeded an average of $1,000 a year, many less than $500/year average.

How much do people pay for all that with Car Shield? I'm also pretty sure Car Shield DOES NOT pay for routine preventative maintenance which my figures include. Today's cars are far more reliable than they were when I was 16 in the early 1970s. So don't let someone sell you insurance that costs more than your repairs would, that's wasteful.

After all, that's exactly how they make their profits. They use fear to sell this type of insurance. With all my maintenance & repairs, I did not have deal with a 3rd party like Car Shield and experience claims being denied either.I could have saved money doing my own oil changes & battery replacements etc., but I didn't since I'm older. Remember, not all these repairs happen in the same year.

2002 Ford Ranger = $2,936/6 years owned = avg $489/year for ALL maintenance & repairs 2004 Hyundai Elantra = $5,092/8 years owned = avg $637/year for ALL maintenance & repairs 2004 Hyundai Sonata = $8,924/9 years owned = avg $992/year for ALL maintenance & repairs 2005 Chevy Cobalt = $650/2 years owned = avg $325/year for ALL maintenance & repairs 2010 Ford Focus = $3,355/10 years owned = avg $336/year for ALL maintenance & repairs 2010 Mazda = $500/2 years owned = avg $250/year for ALL maintenance & repairs 2012 KIA Optima = $7,629/8 years owned = avg $954/year for ALL maintenance & repairs 2014 Nissan Frontier = $4,726/5 years owned = avg $946/year for ALL maintenance & repairs 2019 Honda CRV = $200/2 years owned = avg $100/year for ALL maintenance & repairs I shake my head when I see these types of insurance pushed on TV and I toss out the flyers I receive in the mail from car Shield and a number of similar businesses. Put that money you're paying for premiums in a savings account if you need to have a dedicated car-repair fund. Then watch it grow.

The older a car gets, the more repairs it needs, and I'm sure Car Shield premiums rise with the age of your vehicle too. Car Shield isn't worth it EVEN if they paid for preventive maintenance which they don't.

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They are greedy corporate giants. That's why they why they won't insure car with over 150,000 miles and that's because most cars don't break down before 150,000 miles. BEWARE !!!!!

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I work with real insurance companies that issue dealership service contracts (NOT junk like carshield). Your past experience with "self insuring" your vehicles has been good, but I expect as your start to own newer, more tech based vehicles (like the 2019 Honda), you will see increasing expense.

Our current claim frequencies and expenses per policy have risen as technology (which always involves R&R -remove/replace- as the solve),rising parts costs and increasing labor rates have all edged the dollars up. A reputable, exclusionary policy is still a good value for someone who plans to own a more modern vehicle past the factory coverage.

I have done this job for over 20 years, and I keep a policy on every vehicle I personally own. Averages prices are less than 10% of the value of the vehicle, which makes it affordable

Anayely Mtb

how do i sue them or join class action law suite

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Contact consumer affairs.

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I've been a customer for over a year now, and my motor is making very grinding noises but reading these disappointment reviews are scaring me to call them


Terrible company. People answering the phones are dumb at best and will not transfer you to someone with a logical brain. Worst investment ever, Ice-T can do his commercials but he has been a nobody for may years.

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